TekEssence is a provider of Innovation Capital, an advisory service that is revolutionary in the world of strategy consulting and private investments. We are transforming small & medium sized businesses in targeted industries - or divisions of large corporates - that are in the midst of great flux.

Our client partners are typically niche leaders in their industry segment who could be re-positioned to disrupt existing markets, and appreciate a committed partner to share in the risk/reward of a transformative venture. As outsiders we view the business through the impartial lens of continuous innovation. As insiders we take a hands-on approach to operating all non-core aspects of the business. As entrepreneurs we have a finger on the pulse of cutting edge technologies that can prove a differentiating edge to business functions.

As CxO's on demand, TekEssence provides an integrated approach to strategy consulting, global operations, and technology incubation - an unparalleled service in the world of business transformation.